пятница, 9 июля 2010 г.


The weather is really HOT. and i Love it. finally i started to get sunburn. ^^
Soon i will have my English exam . And i don’t love it. i’m pretty nervous. but everything is gonna be alright, yeah?)
Next weak i will go to the cinema with my friend. Love it. French movie yahoo!=)
He doesn’t write me. Hate it. ridiculous. i’m still waiting for sms...
Ok.i have to go. my tea and some strange American movie are waiting for me.

пятница, 2 июля 2010 г.


Two days ago I was going home by underground. My mood was…well not very good. Sometimes you just fell so broken. You don’t have any certain reason…just feel emptiness and have a big wish to run somewhere. Yeah. That’s what I felt. And suddenly a guy, who stood behind asked me: “Are you alright?” He was smiling and looked so happy.I said: “Not really”. He asked:“Why? The weather today is perfect! Sun is shining and birds are singing. Isnt’ it a reason to fell happy?” It was so funny to speak with him, thought as you can imagine the sound in underground is really loud=) But when he left I still kept smile on my face. =) So thank you Andrew, whatever you are now)